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CPC Mastery Gold
Exclusive Membership Benefits

Created for you, the doc and your team with a commitment to success making your making tomorrows more successful than today. CPC Mastery Gold Program allows you the accountability of a champion as you get the experience online, to stand by my side and see step by step, what I do everyday so you can go to your office and do the same.  

  • "30 Mastery Gold Steps" online video training and coaching with Dr Joe Borio

  • Weekly Live Interactive Webinars with Dr Joe Borio (42/yr)

  • Access to our exclusive CPC Mastery Gold Facebook Group

  • Team CA Training Bi-Weekly Live

  • Our Online marketing manual and power point presentations

  • 2 CPC Practice Mastery Summits a year (DC, spouse, CA's)

  • On-Line access to our complete office practice forms

  • Invitation to "CPC Financial Mastery Live" Annual Webinar

  • Exclusive Events and Training Extras
  • (CPC Borio Bootcamp and CPC Mastermind Retreat are NOT included in $349/m membership fee)

  • Borio Bootcamp-train at the side of Dr Joe Borio right in his office-(Doc and CA's only)

  • Annual "Invitation Only"

  • CPC Mastermind Retreat Event(Doc and Spouse Only)