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What Our Clients Say about our program

So many stories to share of Doctors gaining confidence and clarity with and increase of their income.
"I have been a member for almost 6 months now. The information Dr. Borio shares is gold. It is solid research that would give anyone the confidence moving forward to build, run and maintain a loving caring high volume practice. He has welcomed myself and my family to the chiropassion family with open arms. Dr Joe returns any text I ever send, answers any question I ever ask, and he does it with honesty and genuineness. I have slowly implemented chiropassion in my office has become easier. I am able to currently see 200 a day with ease and love, and I know that will do nothing but grow. After 15 years of practice, i never dreamed this would be possible. My practice members stay and love it. Dr Joe has helped me become who I want to be in life. It's been a long journey, and I am glad I have ended up where I have. There aren't many out there like Dr Joe. Chiropassion and it's members have been a blessing to myself and my family. I would highly recommend anyone attend a seminar or have a phone call with Dr Joe."
Dr. Wes Hill

"I have been with Dr Joe for several years and he has changed my life. I trust his advice and I honor his integrity and commitment to his clients. I know I am taking advice from someone who knows how to be a leader. I probably would have given up practice had it not been for him. I have been with other groups there is no one better. Everyone has an idea of how they want to practice Dr Joe will help guide you. It's hard to see the top of the mountain when you are just getting out of school or are in a rut---I am grateful I joined chiropassion. One of the things I love the most about him is he is real --you can approach him you can question him you can disagree with him and he will still respect and love you. The saying is when the student is ready the teacher appears. He has done amazing things in his practice and his life reflects the success of his talents--he has struggled (as we all have) and he has learned ways to practice efficiently and effectively while enjoying ever minute of it. Dr Joe gives so much of his time to students and chiropractors because he loves chiropractic and he wants everyone to have a successful practice!"
Dr. Renee Hurst

Dr. Ed Casper
Dr. Joe exceeded my expectations

Samantha Dougherty
Dr. Borio's passion is contagious

Dr. Bart Fickes
Can't recommend this program enough